1. Long time ago Special Sunday page under an Alias.

  2. Canto I : from thumbnails to pages


  3. April 5th, 2014

    Christie’s first auction of Comic book Art. 

    Man Arenas pieces #7 and #8

  4. Thumb-nailing Cantos

  5. Concept Design Academy Class - Snapshots - 03/15/2014

  6. Manu the Yaxin pixelated @ Sedyas

  7. The day of the Unicorn. Original plate

  8. Looking for teen Hares characters like

  9. environment design . Nature style for Room on the Broom

    Much fun, I could design willows all my life! 

    no oscar but lot of talent this movie have!


  11. 7bte Zwerge - 7th Dwarf

    visual development . environment design. 

    The deep deep Forest where Tales are born.

    - In Memoriam Harald Siepermann -

  12. Walking in that forest .

    the 7th Dwarf 3D movie 

    visual development, environment design …